Field & Facts covers all types of quantitative research methodologies and is able to implement most appropriate and cost-efficient data collection method at any time.
We employ solid checking and validation systems for all types of data collection methods.We provide the most accurate and useful information to our clients.
We have our own network of interviewers and able to handle all types of data collection, from traditional PAPI to latest CAWI methodologies across the geographies we cover.

  • PAPI - Pen and Paper Interviews
  • CAPI - Computer Assisted Personal Interviews
  • CAWI - Computer Assisted Web Interviews
Quality control procedures:
  • 50% control of each interviewer, by phone and in field
  • continuous supervision on location for central location projects
  • monthly performance evaluations for each interviewer
  • monthly bonuses for top quality performers

Field & Facts have its own CATI Centre in Mumbai. 20 CATI stations working simultaneously using NIPO software Over 100 multi lingual CATI interviewers.

  1. CATI Method Benefits:
  • Fast data collection
  • Clean and accurate database
  • Close checking of the data collection activity; live monitoring of telephone interviews
  • Quick database delivery from end of data collection
  1. Quality control procedures:
  • 100% supervision of all interviewers through live listening and screen monitoring

Services Field and Facts offer:

  • Sample Only Services
  • Survey Programming and hosting Services
  • Coding, Data Processing and Tabulations