Field & Facts Is Market Research Firm That Provide Quality And Wide Range Of Research.

Field & Facts Do Business-To-Business, Business-To-Consumer, Social And Public Opinion Surveys.

We Provide Wide Range Of Services Like Omnibus,Qualitative, Quantitative, Online Research And Data Process Etc...

About Us

Field & Facts Data Pvt Ltd is one of the fast-growing independent market research project management company founded in 2017.

We are controlled and managed by experienced professionals.

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Services We Deliver

We are good at adapting to evolving technology and MR landscape to emerge as the first choice of partners for outsourcing Market Research end to end activities.


Field and Facts covers all types of quantitative research methodologies and is able to implement most appropriate and cost-efficient data collection method at any time.
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Qualitative research is defined as a market research method that focuses on obtaining data through open-ended and conversational communication.

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Omnibus Research

An omnibus survey is a method of marketing research where data on a wide variety of subjects is collected during the same interview. Usually, multiple research clients will provide proprietary content for the survey (paying to 'get on the omnibus'), while sharing the common demographic data collected from each respondent.

Data Process

Data processing is, generally, "the collection and manipulation of items of data to produce meaningful information." In this sense it can be considered a subset of information processing, "the change (processing) of information in any manner detectable by an observer. Under general direction, plans, organizes and directs data processing services to departments; provides highly technical and staff assistance for financial and other applications.

Geographies we cover

Over the years, Field & Facts has successfully conducted projects in more than 35 countries around the world

Industries we serve





Information Technology

Banking and Insurance




Electrical & Electronics






Shopper Insights

Social & Rural


Infrastructure & Real Estate